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 My Story

Art School

I grew up on the south east coast of Kent and as soon as I was out of school I enrolled at the University For The Creative Arts in Canterbury. I already had a passion for photography but I decided to do a general arts carousel course and eventually specialised in fashion. It was then that I realised sewing wasn't for me but I was more interested in the imagery i.e. fashion film & photography. After graduating art school I moved onto do fashion promotion and imaging at UCA in epsom. again, not for me. Still taking photos on my little bridge camera I took myself off to London to work in hospitality full time and grab any kind of media internship I could get my hands on.


Film & Production Design

Some years later, one way or another I found myself in Bulgaria at the top of Vitosha mountain working at the amazing NuBoyana Studios. At first I was was part of a film internship but quickly progressed and was hired onto movies such as Hellboy and The Angel as well as a number of shorts/ music videos etc.

On my return to the UK I picked up work on a couple of films as an Art Director/ Production designer. Leading the art department on a short film for Ridley Scott being a highlight! Film soon became something I knew well and to this day it is still one of my biggest passions. when I'm not taking photos you'll find me on a film set or at my computer working on upcoming projects.


Automotive Photography

When I first became interested in automotive photography, I had just inherited an old 35mm Pentax camera. I would spend my days off of whatever bar job I was working at the time driving around, looking for rare classics I could shoot in the street. Focusing on detail shots and abstract composition, I quickly fell in love with the art.
Now I run my own business as an automotive photographer, specialising in classic cars. I shoot for auction houses, collectors and enthusiasts around the UK (mainly in the north or the midlands), and I couldn't be happier in my work. It has always been a dream to do what I love for a living and here I am whizzing up and down the UK shooting some of the most beautiful and iconic cars known to man. It's all up from here.
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